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“Black Flags” Skirmish at Cornell

Late Sunday night a group of students put up 1,300 black flags on the quad at the university to commemorate the deaths of all the Palestinians in the recent conflict in the Gaza Strip. On Monday night someone damaged some of the signs that stated the cause of the flags and what groups put them up. Then someone rearranged the flags into a Star of David. Since then police have been patrolling the area to make sure the situation does not escalate into something more heated.

Eddie Herron, editor-in-chief of the Cornell Review, writes about the biased role played by a major campus administrator in this contretemps:

On another note, these flags were not only allowed to be put up by the administration, they were partially funded by the Dean of Students. The same Dean of Students who supported an effort earlier this year to punish my newspaper, which is a banner of conservative ideals on a campus that leans heavily to the left, for publishing two controversial articles. Yet in this instance he has said “We [financially] support activities that promote constructive debate regarding contemporary issues of all sorts…We hope that the result will be a constructive one. Sometimes these things are controversial.”

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