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Black Student Group Accuses UCLA of Racism

A group of students calling themselves “The Black Bruins” has released a flurry of accusations against UCLA, claiming that the school is riddled with racism and lacks diversity.

At least one student there isn’t buying it. UCLA student Josh Hedtke has written an article decimating the group’s claims. Hedtke takes a look at the enrollment statistics and finds, surprisingly, that white students, not blacks, are the most “underrepresented” racial group at the school:

In 2012 in California, the total percentage of the black population was 6.6 percent, and the total percentage of the white population was 73.7 percent. In contrast, the percentage of white students at UCLA is 27.8 percent and the percentage of black students at UCLA is 3.8 percent.

In effect, white students are actually severely “underrepresented” compared to black students: the white percentage at UCLA is only 37.7 percent of the total percentage of white residents in the state, whereas the black percentage at UCLA is 57.6 percent of the total statewide percentage of black residents – a 20 point difference!

Just do the math.

Hedtke argues that we should reject the notion that institutions must always reflect the precise racial makeup of the general population. “In reality,” he writes, “different groups of people are simply represented unequally in different endeavors. It’s what happens in a diverse society where people are free to pursue their own goals.”

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