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Black & White, No Color

The Robert Weissberg article to which George called our attention, “The Hidden Impact of Political Correctness,” is very disturbing.  It says that professors, even tenured professors, have decided to stay away from facts that may annoy black students who are quick to report “racism” to the authorties.  And it’s not just negative things about blacks as a group that might set off these easily offended students.  Anything that might mitigate the vision of America as pure evil is also offensive.  So even to point out that counting slaves as 3/5 of a person for purposes of the census was something actually aimed at diminishing the power of the slaveholders is dangerous.  As is pointing out that the Constitution outlawed the slave trade after 1808, making slaves so valuable that they could not be put at risk at dangerous jobs, which instead evidently went to the Irish!  In other words, historical truth has to be sacrificed to an unnuanced black/white vision of history.    This means that young blacks are being cultivated to an inauthentic relationship to truth, facts, and history, reminiscent of Hegel’s master/slave analysis, in which the slave can know the truth, but the master must be flattered and gratified with lies.  Either that, or they are learning to use their power to keep down the truth. 


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