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Brady Campaign to Demonstrate at Virginia Tech Anniversary

The Roanoke Times reports:

Gun control advocates planning to protest April 16 on Virginia Tech’s Drillfield said today that they hope to reach a compromise with the university that will allow them to protest without interfering with remembrance events.
Peter Hamm, spokesman for the Brady Campaign to Stop Gun Violence, said the group has been working with Tech students on the protest. It would involve a 32-person “lie in” at noon April 16, the one-year anniversary of shootings on the campus that resulted in the deaths of 32 people plus the shooter.
The Brady Campaign sent out a media advisory last Thursday announcing the event, planned in conjunction with the gun control group Hamm said the gun-control groups had not discussed the event with the university, but he was initially discouraged by what he saw as a hard-line stance by the university against issuing a permit. He said this morning that the event would go ahead as scheduled — permit or no permit. But by this afternoon, he was optimistic that Tech students involved in the protest would be able to reach a compromise with the administration. He said the goal of the protesters was never to interfere with memorial events.

Permit or no permit? Seriously?
By all means, a tragedy like this should prompt discussion about relevant policies — I’ve taken part in this discussion myself. But memorial services for innocent victims are no place for political actvism of any kind.
Hat tip: David Hardy’s Of Arms and the Law


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