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Brown: No Pretense of Objectivity at Mid East-Islam Conference

Brown University is hosting a conference titled “The Study of the Middle East and Islam: Challenges After 9-11” on May 3-4.
According to Cinnamon Stillwell in The American Thinker, academic presenters are almost entirely hostile to the U.S.-led war on terrorism, Israel, and any attempts within higher education to combat Islamic extremism on college campuses.
The workshop will discuss “new national security regulations” and the “publishing environment faced by scholars writing about the region,” as well as “pressures from concerned citizen groups,” all of which are seen as impediments to “open discourse and academic freedom.”
The preponderance of politicized professors featured at this conference, as well as its biased approach to Middle East studies, mirrors the state of Middle East departments and studies nationwide. This state of affairs is, as Stillwell comments, “positively Orwellian.”
[Article available at Campus Watch]