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Brutal Sorority Hazing at Dartmouth

Last month, Rolling Stone published a controversial exposé all about the greek culture at Dartmouth — long known to be among the nation’s worst in terms of its alcohol problems and hazing practices.

This week, a recent Dartmouth graduate has published her own account of the dangerous hazing she received while pledging Kappa Kappa Gamma:

I had bruises and cuts all over my body, two of my teeth were broken and I was intubated and restrained. The doctor informed me that I had entered the hospital with a .399 blood alcohol content. I soon learned that a .4 BAC is coma and death. I was literally one sip of alcohol away from dying.

I’ve never been able to decide which group I find more disheartening — the more senior fraternity and sorority members who carry out this kind of dangerous and brutal hazing on new pledges; or the obsequious, vain, and weak-willed pledges who allow themselves to be debased, humiliated, and put at risk for the sake of admittance to a club of their shallow-souled peers.

Whatever one thinks of these particular cases, or of greek life in general, it is clear Dartmouth has a big problem.

Click here to read more of the student’s disturbing story.


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