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California Dream Is Now a Bad Hallucination

The leaders of the California Association of Scholars — John Ellis and Charles Geshekter — have been bravely carrying on an against-all-odds campaign to make the University of California system acknowledge its pervasive political bias and all-too-frequent failure to educate. No matter how many times the UC bullies knock them down, they keep coming back. Earlier this year, the CAS produced a superb and painstakingly detailed account of the UC system’s inclination to indoctrinate instead of educate. Sadly, however, they can’t get the system to take the report seriously.

The problem is, not unlike bringing a knife to a gunfight, the CAS duo can bring only facts to a political struggle. Administrators — first system president Mark Yudof, and now Board of Regents Sherry Lansing – keep giving them the standard higher-ed-bureaucrat brush-off: “Thank you for your input. Now bleep off and leave me alone.”

The UC system does not deserve such intelligent and ardent critics as Ellis and Geshekter. With such arrogance and denial of reality at the highest levels of power, it can be only a matter of time before California — both university system and state — undergoes some sort of major collapse.


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