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Campaign Against Anti-Semitism

Anti-Israel and anti-Zionist rhetoric in classrooms and at university-sponsored events on California campuses is translating into vile deeds:

Physical threats and violence perpetrated against Jewish students at UC Irvine; swastikas spray-painted on the doors of Jewish students at UC Santa Cruz; flyers and posters dredging up the medieval anti-Semitic blood-libel of Jews slaughtering children at San Francisco State University; a Jewish student verbally assaulted and threatened with physical harm at a Muslim Student Association event in the student union at California State University, Long Beach.

As reported in Front Page Magazine, faculty, students, and concerned citizens have signed a petition that urges California public university campuses to address this situation:

by directing faculty on each campus to review course materials, curricula and invited speakers to ensure that the full range of scholarly views about Israel and Zionism are presented. In addition, universities are asked to develop and implement courses to educate students about contemporary anti-Semitism.


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