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Campus Whiners Keep Winning

Folks who champion common sense, free speech and the value of teaching young people about the harsh realities of life experienced a series of setbacks on campuses nationwide recently.

A fall career fair this week at the University of California-Irvine will be minus one U.S. Customs and Border Protection booth. Its recruiters backed out of attending after a student petition claimed border patrol officers will make the campus unsafe for students in the country illegally, and that their presence on campus in general was offensive, suggesting officers are guilty of “unjust killings, racial profiling and unjust violence.”

At Wesleyan University, its student government voted Sunday to recommend a potential cut of $17,000 from the $30,000 printing budget of The Argus student newspaper. This was fallout for running a rather mild column against the Black Lives Matter movement. That column had also spurred student activists to trash newspapers and demand the Argus print columns that match its political agenda.

And a student group at Williams College called “Uncomfortable Learning” that had asked conservative female author Suzanne Venker to speak on campus rescinded that invitation because some of their peers were too uncomfortable over the prospect of her planned “One Step Forward, Ten Steps Back: Why Feminism Fails” speech. (More about this from George Leef and Jane Shaw.)


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