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Catholic universities reject Catholic principles

By reading the headlines over the last few years, it is clear many Catholic universities across the nation not only reject Catholic beliefs, but actively foster campus cultures that promote values antithetical to the region’s teachings.

Today The College Fix reported that Loyola University Chicago has approved a pagan student club for students to seek and find Gods other than the one of the Bible. But that type of story is commonplace when it comes to reporting on institutions that call themselves Catholic.

Earlier this month, DePaul University in Chicago, the country’s largest Catholic school, launched a mentorship program for LGBT students called “Queer Peers.”

And in recent years, the University of San Diego hosted a drag show that featured a devil-inspired costume; the University of Notre Dame welcomed and celebrated homosexuality with a coming-out day; and Georgetown University hosted a pro-abortion week on campus and offered a class on how to lobby for abortion rights. Both Georgetown and Notre Dame also covered up religious artifacts to cater to visits by President Obama.

When a Catholic institution chooses honoring Obama over Jesus, something is very wrong.

But the list goes on and on. Santa Clara University hosts a “Rainbow Prom” every year in support of same-sex marriage. Creighton University gave away concert tickets to a Seattle-based hip-hop duo known for their Bible-bashing song “Same Love.” The University of San Francisco touted a job as director at a Planned Parenthood clinic to students. Marquette University offered a radical FemSex workshop on “what it means to take ownership of one’s own sexuality.” Catholic universities often host controversial guest speakers who have no love for Catholic principles. 

Catholic college officials often say they’re doing this to foster diversity, show respect for others, and add it’s not a requirement to be Catholic to attend a Catholic university.

Why call yourself a Catholic institution at all, then?

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