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The Class-Size Debate Never Graduates High School

Over at City Journal there’s an interesting piece regarding the class-size myth. 

You’ve heard these usual arguments before: Class sizes are growing, and that affects educational outcomes negatively. 

It turns out both statements are false. Class sizes are, in fact, declining, and there is no evidence it has any bearing on educational attainment. The whole story is fascinating. 

I don’t think that the class-size question is really the question we ought to be concerning ourselves with. Put crudely, it is the quality of the students, not the quantity of students. If you had 30 Einsteins in a room, it would be a very different classroom from ten special-needs students. In other words, IQ matters when it comes to assigning children to classes. 

As a recent college graduate, it had me wondering: Why is that we make a big deal about large class-sizes in elementary-school programs and not at the university level? 

Could it be simply that at the university-level college professors prefer larger classes because their teaching assistants do the grading?  

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