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Climatologist Crusades against Toilet Paper

An Edinburgh University scientist, Dr. David Reay, contends in a New Scientist article that using toilet paper, washing clothes, and drinking coffee are among the “five eco-crimes we commit every day.”

Bethany Stotts’s report on Reay also mentions he is the author of Your Planet Needs You! A Kid’s Guide to Going Green, suggesting that he is positioned to get his message across to the young.

So what flows from Reay’s, uh, laundry list of eco-crimes? According to Lewis Page at The Register:

The blunt truth, barring a worldwide shift to nuclear power or some other massive breakthrough — is that carbon emissions cuts in line with those demanded by climate activists mean we’ll all have to become very dirty and smelly . . . And that’s just for starters.

Such as, notes Stotts, having fewer children as a means for reducing “legacy” carbon emissions, as two Oregon State University professors argued earlier this year.

Human-friendly? Not the eco-police.


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