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College Men Attacked After Rape Columns

Twice in the last two weeks, The College Fix has reported on college men who have offered their thoughts on the so-called campus rape epidemic and been vilified and smeared as a result.

On Sept. 11 of all days, campus feminists actually held a two-hour rally at the University of Arizona against a male student newspaper columnist after his piece “Only Responsibility Can Prevent Rape” enraged some on the campus community as victim-blaming and misogynistic.

What had this young man dared to suggest? In addition to watching their alcohol intake, he wrote: “Girls — go out in groups, keep an eye on each other, designate a driver. And bring your common sense. When it’s 2 a.m. and a guy invites you to his room, it isn’t to show you his baseball card collection. Plan ahead. Tell your girlfriends whether or not you plan to or want to hook up that night.”

Advice I’d tell my own daughter, but in the upside-down college world, it’s a hate crime or something.

Yesterday, The Fix also reported on an openly conservative student columnist at Cornell University who has been the target an ugly and malicious vandalism smear campaign. He had his name and face plastered on fliers spread around the Ivy League university that labeled him a “Racist Rape Apologist.”

His crime? His “The Truth About ‘Rape Culture’” column questioned the stats behind the so-called campus rape epidemic and defended due process for those accused of sexual assault, and his “Should California Redefine Campus Sexual Assault?” questioned “affirmative consent,” saying it’s an invasion of privacy and a potential legal nightmare.

But this is often the state of open discourse and a diversity of opinions at college campuses today, where Leftist ideas rule. Any question or challenges to those viewpoints are shouted down and often silenced with name-calling, ad hominem attacks and baseless accusations.


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