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College Offers ‘Theology of Harry Potter’

In her feature story this morning for The College Fix, Samantha Watkins reports on the latest course of dubious value to come out our nation’s universities:

“The Theology of Harry Potter” is a religion course recently offered at Centre College [Danville, Ky.] that allowed students to explore if the boy wizard is really a Christianity-inspired hero…

(Put hand on forehead. Sigh deeply)

Yeah sure, why not? Christ on a broomstick, I guess.

According to Watkins’s report, the course description claims that the class will teach students about concepts such as God and sin.

However, professor of religion Lee Jefferson, who teaches “The Theology of Harry Potter,” is less enthusiastic about another famous book more commonly used for such topics of instruction. He has written previously that “the Bible is a complicated collection of documents that was never meant to ‘speak’ to our contemporary situation…”

Leave it to our universities to decide that Harry Potter is more relevant than the Bible on all matters divine.

Get the full story at The College Fix.


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