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Comprehensive Indoctrination at UT

Flagrantly contradicting its academic freedom policies, the University of Texas, Austin, offers a non-academic degree-granting curriculum which, according to David Horowitz:

is a comprehensive training and recruitment program in the theory and practice of radical politics. The courses in this program are unprofessional and do not adhere to existing academic standards, which would preclude political advocacy. But they will fulfill the requirements for an academic degree. The program is a joint project of several academic departments, including the Department of Communications Studies, the Center for Women’s and Gender Studies and the Division of Rhetoric and Writing. It probably also includes the Departments of Afro and African American Studies, Mexican-American Studies and Asian Studies….

The courses described by Horowitz dish up indoctrination, not education, and are completely inappropriate for an academic, taxpayer-funded public institution. The UT governing board and Texas lawmakers should take note of this travesty.