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Professorial Double Standard

When it comes to the way conservative professors are treated versus liberal ones, the chasm is very wide.

Recently, English Professor Robert Lopez left the safety of tenure at Cal State Northridge after years of harassment from students and peers. His crime? Holding conservative beliefs. This despite the fact that Lopez is bisexual and Latino – two “diversity” modifiers that should grant him privileged status among the victimhood campus culture warriors. (Right now Lopez is living a chaste lifestyle as a converted Southern Baptist).

Another conservative professor vilified? Professor John McAdams of Marquette University, who was suspended and banished from campus on the pretext that he somehow threatened campus safety by defending a student who opposed gay marriage.

Both Lopez and McAdams have never been shy about their beliefs, outspoken even. But the only type of outspoken professors given leeway on college campuses are liberal ones.

Remember Professor Susan Douglas of the University of Michigan, who famously wrote an op-ed titled “I hate Republicans,” and Professor William Penn at Michigan State, who said Republicans “raped this country”? They both continue to teach students – and have enjoyed pay raises in recent years. 

The double standard is obvious.


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