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Conservative Students’ Lives Matter

A new hashtag deserves some play: #ConservativeStudentsLivesMatter.

It’s inspired by the rash of hate-filled name calling and bullying that right-of-center students have received on campuses recently just for voicing their opinions.

In September alone, student journalists at the conservative-leaning Claremont Independent campus newspaper were called all sorts of names, such as “white supremacists” and “ignorant”; a conservative student at Yale University was bullied to leave campus by peers after she called the Ivy League institution  “liberal” on national television; and a veteran attending Wesleyan University was threatened and harassed by campus activists after he wrote a column critical of Black Lives Matter.

That’s just for starters. There is a long history of students targeted, ridiculed and disparaged after they defend religious liberty against LGBTQ encroachment, critique leftist movements, question liberal professors, defend pro-life positions, and take other similar stands.

Where are the campus administrators who cancel classes to hold “inclusion and tolerance” discussions after conservative students are viciously smeared? That never happens. They tolerate such attacks while, in contrast, they coddle student leftists who have come to love the adoration that victimhood and martyrdom bring.

In reality, it’s conservative students who are under attack, the ones who truly deserve “safe spaces.” Their voices matter. Their opinions matter. Their lives matter.


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