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Could Terrorists Target Our Schools?

Jack Kelly at the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reminds us that in 2004 Chechens affiliated with al Qaeda seized a middle school in Beslan, Russia, killing several hundred people – mostly children. Kelly notes al Qaeda prefers middle schools because the girls are old enough to rape, but the boys aren’t big enough to fight back, and he asks if such a diabolical deed could happen in the U.S., pointing out that:

• U.S. forces seized in 2002 an al Qaeda training tape of a practice assault on an abandoned school in Mir Bach Kot in Afghanistan. The terrorists were barking commands in English.
• U.S. forces in Iraq found on a captured al Qaeda computer building plans for schools in six states.
• In May of 2006, two Saudi students at the University of South Florida boarded a school bus. They were described as “cagey and evasive” in explaining why they boarded the bus.
• In March, the FBI issued a bulletin to law enforcement warning that Muslims “with ties to extremist groups” were signing up to be school bus drivers.
• A Houston television station reported that 17 large yellow school buses have been stolen.


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