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A Couple of Funny Anti-PC Items

The Washington Post Magazine’s end-page is always a column by humorist Gene Weingarten, who’s very funny but extremely liberal.  His column yesterday, however, makes fun of Bowdoin College’s political correctness in the sombrero scandal.  It’s styled a plea for forgiveness and addressed to the Bowdoin student government; he wants forgiveness for his daughter having dressed up as an Indian (complete with feather, horrors!) many years ago. It’s very funny, and if even a big WashPost liberal like Gene Weingarten agrees things have gotten out of hand, then maybe there’s hope.

The other funny item is the Stanford Review’s demands for change.  Sample:  “WE DEMAND that Stanford recognizes that half-lives matter, and establishes a committee to fund the Chemistry and Physics Departments accordingly.”  Also very funny, and — I hope — also evidence that this shark has been jumped.


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