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Davidson Students Must Now Do Their Own Laundry

Here’s to small victories!

In ACTA’s report on America’s top liberal arts colleges, Education or Reputation?, we call out these elite institutions for their terribly misplaced spending priorities. Instead of spending precious funds on worthy educational pursuits, schools often waste money on needless amenities that have little to do with higher education’s academic mission. For example, we note that North Carolina’s Davidson College “provides a free service for all undergraduates to wash, dry, press and hang students’ laundry.”

Well, not any more. Inside Higher Ed reports:

Davidson College announced Wednesday that it is ending free laundry service—in which students could drop off dirty laundry and have it returned, clean and folded. The college has offered the service for decades but officials said that it makes more sense to spend the college’s resources on academics. The Charlotte Observer reported that Davidson will save about $400,000 annually.

Was it ACTA’s condemnation that moved Davidson’s administration? Who knows? We do know that Davidson’s new president, Carol Quillen is a reformer with a focus on academic quality and cutting costs. Let us hope for more good news out of the Tar Heel State in the months and years ahead.

Onward and upward!

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