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‘Death’ to ‘Rapists’ Declared Innocent

From Inside Higher Ed:  

The chancellor of North Carolina Central University has criticized a column in the institution’s student paper, apparently advocating violence as a response to the dropping of all charges in the case in which three Duke University lacrosse players were accused of raping a student at North Carolina Central…The column, in Campus Echo, is called “Death to all rapists,” and says “The ‘facts’ of the case should not matter to us because even if we are unsure of sexual assault, these supremacists have admitted to sexually, racially and politically denigrating these women…. History has shown us that the (in)justice system cannot and will not address these issues because it is built upon them. So upon whose shoulders should the responsibility of retributive correction fall? White people still murder us with impunity…. White people still rape us and get away with it. The only deterrent to these legally, socially and economically validated supremacist actions is the fear of physical retribution…. The time to fight, whether intellectually, artistically or physically, has always been now.”
 Here is the column, by Solomon Burnette, and here is a report on the chancellor’s appropriate response.