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Dems Win Either Way

I saw representatives from the conservative Young America’s Foundation and from the liberal Young Democrats of America take calls on C-Span last week. The young Democrat said that Giuliani was the frontrunning Republican among Americans 18-24. The reason, she said, was that he is a “moderate,” and she said it with an air of satisfaction that made me see how much Democrats are enjoying seeing the Republican party move left, and social conservatives either being ignored or themselves rushing to compromise their principles in order to support him and preserve their access to power. The Democrats can clearly see that a Giuliani nomination would mark the end of conservative influence in the Republican party, as the Goldwater nomination marked its beginning, and the Reagan presidency represented its height. It made me see how much the Democrats are enjoying this electoral season, first contemplating the victory they would have with a Giuliani nomination, and then the victory they foresee for the Democrat in November ‘08.


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