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Deny Tenure to Hateful Massad

Columbia University President Bollinger and Trustees: the world will be watching you once again as in the near future you grant or decline to grant tenure to the malign Professor Joseph Massad.

Massad has a chalked up a record in intimidating Jewish and pro-Israel students in the classroom, fabricating paranoid conspiracies about “Israel” and “Zionists,” demonstrating a soft spot for Hamas, as well as producing poor scholarship.
As Joel Mowbray writes in the Washington Times, that this

comes on the heels of Columbia’s Barnard College last week offering tenure to Nadia Abu el-Haj, an anthropologist who wrote an archeology book in which she largely denied the Jewish historical connection to Israel. In key parts, she leveled shocking allegations based on anonymous, uncorroborated sources.

And these two tenure fights are playing out while Iranian madman President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s visit to campus is still fresh in the minds of outraged alumni and donors.

You, the leadership, stand up and protect the integrity of the institution you are bound to serve – at least in this case.


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