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DePaul Trustee and Sharia

John relates the role of activist Muslims in getting stellar adjunct professor Thomas Klocek fired from the University for disagreeing with students on Middle-East matters.


The role of a DePaul Trustee, Michael Murad, in perpetrating this injustice is noteworthy. Murad wrote to DePaul’s president asking, “What steps have been taken to ensure that DePaul programs in the Middle East are not undermined by this incident?”


Fair treatment of Klocek and his constitutional rights do not seem to have figured in Murad’s assessment of the problem.


John W. Mauck, Klocek’s attorney, comments that “the university surrendered to behind-the-scenes Muslim activist pressure. At DePaul academic freedom has been subjugated to Sharia.”


And behind-the-scenes pressure from one of the institution’s guardians apparently abetted the Muslim activists – and the subjugation of academic freedom to Sharia.


Not a proud moment for trusteeship.


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