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DePaul University: Muslim Propaganda and More

From Richard Baehr at American Thinker comes a horrifying report on the pro-Palestinian, anti-Israel mindset that dominates the campus, the largest Catholic-affiliated university in the nation which in recent years has seen a large increase in Muslim and Arab students.

Some of the more disturbing highlights:

·        The university hired Norman Finkelstein to teach political science, even though he had been fired at two different colleges in the wake of controversy over his support of holocaust denier David Irving.

·        Twelve academic departments of the university mounted a Palestinian art exhibit redolent with hatred of Israel and Jews. 

·        Thomas Klocek, a popular adjunct professor, lost his teaching position because he argued that materials disseminated by radical Muslim student groups were one-sided. Some Muslim students also sent out an email to a large population at DePaul declaring a fatwa on Klocek for insulting Islam. So badly has Klocek been treated that he (a Catholic) has been told not to pray at the campus chapel.

·        And the campus welcomed representatives of the Palestinian terror group Islamic Jihad and aired the scurrilous propaganda ‘documentary’ Jenin Jenin.

Baehr goes on to give a personal account of a harrowing experience he himself had at DePaul, in the course of participating in a campus debate on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The environment, he recalls, “was more physically threatening than any other in which I took part.”
According to this testimony, DePaul has been transmogrified into a bastion of cowardice and – as he says – “horrors.”


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