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Did UC-Denver Miss a Chance to Stop Aurora?

Multiple news outlets are reporting that a package containing detailed plans for last Friday’s massacre has been found in a package that had been sitting, undelivered, in UC-Denver’s mail room. The package listed suspect James Holmes’s mailing address as the return address, and was addressed to a university psychiatrist.

A source told that the package had been sitting in the mail room since July 12 — more than a week prior to the shootings. Why the package had not been delivered, and whether it could have been delivered in time to alert authorities about Holmes’s plans and prevent the killings, remains unclear.

More details on the newly discovered package here.

Meanwhile, the lawsuits have already started. One man who was in the theater, but who was not injured, is suing the theater, Holmes’s doctors, and Warner Brothers (the maker of the Batman film that was being shown that night). If this package turns out to have contained information that could have been used to stop the Aurora shooter before the crime took place, I suspect UC-Denver may also be facing lawsuits in the near future.

UPDATE: The university is disputing the claim that it received the package on July 12, as FoxNews originally reported. But, in its statement, it would not specify when it was received.

Editor’s note: This piece has been amended since its original posting. 


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