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Discrimination against Asians at Princeton? Well, Duh!

The Wall Street Journal and Daily Princetonian are reporting on a complaint against Princeton that has been filed with the U.S. Department of Education by an Asian student who claims that he was discriminated against by the school’s admissions office because of his race. 
Well, of course he was.  If a school is giving preferences to blacks and Latinos—as I suspect Princeton would have to admit—then of course it is discriminating against whites and Asians.  In the Center for Equal Opportunity’s studies over the years, we have found just that in school after school. 
On the one hand, the Supreme Court has said that such discrimination is illegal if it is too heavy-handed and mechanical; on the other hand, the Court has also upheld it when it is, supposedly, more nuanced.  It’s too bad the Court allows it at all, but until if revisits the matter, it’s up to the Department of Education to keep on eye on the admission offices—like Princeton’s. 
Kudos to Mr. Li, the Asian student, for standing up for his rights, and here’s hoping that more students do so.


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