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Diversity Ad Nauseum at Hamilton

George is right that the elimination of the Alexander Hamilton Center by leftist faculty shows who controls Hamilton College and that this ruling claque won’t hesitate to use its power of veto to suppress non-leftist viewpoints.

Nor will it hesitate to pile on more ideological lopsidedness on campus. Indeed, as the campus kingpins were orchestrating the demise of the AHC, a new “diversity”- related position was announced on the campus, specifically, a new assistant deanship for “Diversity Initiatives” to be filled by one Steven Yao.
No room in the inn, that is, for a distinguished center for the study of American first principles and history. But all the space in the world for more group identity studies and politics.

This latest development demonstrates anew the skewed priorities at Hamilton – and the fecklessness of its administration and board of trustees.


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