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A Dose of Truth at Westminster

Debating at Westminster, Mideast scholar Daniel Pipes lobbed a powerful reality check at Ken Livingstone – whom Daniel Johnson calls “the notoriously pro-Islamist mayor of London” – and the British nation. His message? As Johnson writes:

Thanks to the multicultural policies of politicians like Mayor Livingstone, “your city is a threat to the rest of the world.” He listed 15 countries in which Islamists from Britain had carried out terrorist attacks, ranging from Pakistan to America. Since last weekend he could have added a 16th — Somalia. Britain, he said, was now regarded by some experts as the biggest threat to American security.

But can anything be done to stop, in Lawrence Auster’s words, official Britain’s “ongoing surrender to Islam”? Columnist Peter Hitchens says no:

The real menace to this country…comes from the liberal elite’s decision to appease Islam.

…Quietly, the Civil Service, the police and the education system (and many big companies) have already begun to adapt themselves to the idea of an Islamised Britain.

The British – and, in fact, Western – public needs to hear much more from such truth-sayers.