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Duke Photos

I read the Washington Post article on the Duke scandal that was mentioned on our list a few days back. It was  not the most informative piece. 
The article is mainly about how the all- black college that the dancer attended is united in support for her. According to the article, her supporters dismiss the digital photos that seem to provide alibis for the accused. These supporters say that such photos can be manipulated and doctored. But among the photos are those that show one of the accused withdrawing money from a cash machine when he was supposed to be involved in rape. 
Can such photos taken at cash machines be doctored? Is there any evidence that they have been doctored? Why would the bank manipulate photos to favor the Duke students?  The reporter didn’t bother to check and supply this information but just reported what may well be magical thinking. Also, the article says that the supporters “saw a photo of a black woman lying on the floor as white men stood around her holding cups of beer.” Is there such a photo? At that point I wasn’t sure if what the dancer’s supporters “saw” is an actual photo or an image they have formed in their minds. 
This is bad reporting. On another note, there was an additional piece of information of which I was unaware, that the house at which the party took place was rented by three lacrosse captains and was owned by the university. 


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