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Duke Scandal, Imus and Sharpton

The irony of it all sets The New York Sun to dreaming:

First Rev. Sharpton lights into Mr. Imus and gets him driven from the airwaves. Then Mr. Imus goes on the air, according to what the ever vigilant Drudge Report called a “rough transcript,” to ask when Rev. Sharpton would be apologizing to the three [aggrieved lacrosse players] whom Rev. Sharpton and others were so harsh about when they were wrongly accused in the Duke case. And then Mr. Imus went back to calling his own remarks of the other day stupid…
[I]n other words,…Rev. Sharpton has come out against over-the-top, racist language and Mr. Imus is calling for Rev. Sharpton to apologize (when he’s not apologizing himself ). It makes us wonder whether, through all the acrid smoke, there is the glimmer of an earlier, calmer time, when the airwaves were given over to more sedate talk, …undergraduates had to obey certain rules of decorum or sensible behavior, lest they get expelled, and there wasn’t all this need for apologizing.


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