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Duke’s Women’s Studies Faculty Propagandize Against Lacrosse Team

…caring naught about civil liberties.

KC Johnson, who has bravely stood up for the team members’ right to be deemed innocent until proven guilty, examines how the campus’ women’s studies professors are attempting on a university website to justify their actions in pre-judging the players.
The Duke women’s studies program homepage supplies a link to Karla Holloway’s “Bodies of Evidence,” in which the original group of faculty who condemned the team members posited, “White innocence means black guilt. Men’s innocence means women’s guilt.” As Johnson indicates, “The logical extension of this argument: the only alternative to condemning black women is to find the lacrosse players guilty, regardless of the lack of evidence against them.”
“Justice,” entones Holloway, “inevitably has an attendant social construction,” and thus judgments about the lacrosse case “cannot be left to the courtroom.”
Johnson goes on to analyze and rightfully skewer Holloway’s meager scholarship as well as departmental administrators who, in posting her extremist message, espouse it.
And what operators these women’s studies activists! As Johnson notes, this Duke program employs less than five percent of the arts and sciences faculty, and yet it hosts the chairs of fully half of the Campus Culture Initiative subgroups.
Read on to get the full sense of the appalling disregard for due process that has occurred in this case, in addition to the dramatic breakdown of faculty and administrative oversight on campus. 


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