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Easy Answer to the Real Question

The Chronicle of Higher Education this week has a story, the title of which asks, “Asian-American Students Wonder: Is the Bar Higher for Us?” The teaser to the article then elaborates: “College officials deny it, but many Asian-American high-school students feel they will be held to a higher standard.” But, as I say in a comment to the story:

College officials DON’T deny that Asian Americans are held to a higher standard. They cheerfully and proudly admit that whites AND Asians are held to a higher standard than African Americans, Latinos, etc. The only issue is whether there is also discrimination against Asians vis-à-vis whites or vice versa (and, probably, some Asian ethnic groups vis-à-vis other Asian ethnic groups). It’s still all racial/ethnic discrimination, however, and here’s hoping that the Supreme Court puts a stop to it.


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