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The Edsel of Education Reform

It took a couple of generations between the time when Henry Ford amassed a great fortune through cutting-edge technology and pioneering industrial methods, and the time when the Ford Foundation became an innovation-choking left-wing pox on the nation. Bill Gates seems to be accomplishing the same transition in a few short years.

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has been throwing lots of money around the education world in recent years — often to the detriment of serious educational reform. In Clarion Call, George Leef takes a look at the latest example of the Gates Foundation’s big-government, establishment tendencies.

George shows that, while pretending to seek new ideas on how to deal with higher education’s growing financial-aid problem, the Gates Foundation funded 15 people and organizations who were sure to keep their suggestions confined within very narrow boundaries that avoid any real solutions. In fact, most of the “thinkers” funded by Gates weren’t even able to recognize the real problems.



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