Phi Beta Cons

Educating Saudis

Regarding the White House and State Department’s plan to issue over 20,000 visas to young Saudi men to study in the U.S. — American campuses are perhaps the worst place possible to acquaint young Muslims with our way of life and to try to get them to appreciate it. Our campuses are rife with relativism, anti-Americanism, multiculturalism that fatuously preaches all cultures as equal if not superior to our own, and political correctness that stifles debate on many important issues, such as the true nature of fundamentalist Islam and its incompatibility with Western democracy. And, as an Investor’s Business Daily editorial pointed out Wednesday, many terrorists have had Western educations. In fact, 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed graduated from an American college with an engineering degree.
And let’s not forget the hundreds of Iranian students studying in America at the time of the Iranian revolution, which they vociferously supported with their angry, outraged activism.
In addition, the greater the Muslim presence on our campuses, the more political correctness will be enforced, stifling even more than now any discussion of the real nature of fundamentalist Islam.
Evidently the visas are to go only to men.  This already suggests our consent to their values, rather than our upholding our own.  
A better route to follow would be to demand changes in what Saudi Arabia teaches in its schools.