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Family Non-Formation Comes to Campus

We  passed some kind of line when newspapers began to act as if single motherhood is so fully established as an inviolable institution in its own right in our society that there is no need even to mention the absent husband or father, or the desirability of eventually incorporating one into the mother-child act.  We’ve come to expect it in the New York Times, but now an article in the Christian Science Monitor, no less, discusses the growing movement to demand campus housing for mothers and their children.  The focus is on how single mothers need to be helped toward independence and how providing housing for them and their children while they get an education would be the right step.  The article may as well be talking about virgin births, with not even a whisper of the existence of men and their part in conception and responsibility toward the child.  (Oh yes, one father is noted–but he’s single too.)  No doubt the thinking is to be non-judgmental, but it feels more like being non-principled.