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Fathers Need Apply

The Chicago teachers’ union is citing poverty, violence, and homelessness as reasons for student failure, problems they maintain are beyond their ability to solve and are the responsibility of society at large. But here is why the teachers’ unions deserve disapproval, despite having some right on their side: They do not cite the main cause of all of these problems, fatherlessness, and the veritable culture of single-mother families in the areas their schools serve.

Why are they unwilling to bring this problem to the attention of society at large and demand action on it? Such a demand might actually do some good coming from the nation’s teachers, especially with attention focused on the crisis in Chicago right now. Is it because they do not wish to interfere with the feminist-inspired idea of women’s independence from men? The idea that women should be able to do anything and everything without men and that society exists to enable them to do so? If that is the case, then the unions are helping to perpetuate the problems that they see in their schools and are sacrificing the interests of the children to the supposed interests of women according to feminism.     


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