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Leftwing Discourse Proliferates on the Right

Charles Krauthammer talks on Fox of “fear of the other” as a factor in Trump’s success with voters. Guy Benson, co-author with Mary Katherine Ham of the anti-pc book End of Discussion, says on C-Span that white males must acknowledge their “privilege.” What is happening? Are conservatives surrendering to progressive academic discourse, now widespread in the culture at large? Or do they imagine they will gain some credibility in the marketplace of ideas by showing partial acceptance of the left liberal critique of the culture? If the last, they are fooling themselves. 

Believe it or not, it is possible to favor immigration restriction for rational reasons, not “fear of the other,” and it is possible to have a more mature view of society than that proffered by the Marxist-inflected notion of privileged oppressors and victimized oppressed, a notion inspired by envy and resentment.


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