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The Feds and Professor Jihad

In today’s Front Page Magazine, I write about the evidence linking a Kent State University professor, Julio Pino, to the jihadist “Global War” blog. I close by hoping

the F.B.I. is on this case, in the event that Pino is more than just another in a long line of bloviating academics who hate this nation that rewards them with guaranteed lifelong employment, along with the time and freedom to propagate their hatred in the cyber-ether and to brainwash students in it. I hope the feds are sniffing about Global War’s every putrid sphere and have divined the intent and, perchance, deeds of its Lover of Angels [which appears to be Pino’s sobriquet on the site] – and whatever other fiendish spirits inhabit it.

And, lo and behold, along comes now an update from Mike Adams not only reinforcing my main point but also citing evidence that Pino has been engaged in pro-terrorist activity using KSU resources and stating that he (Adams) is handing over information about Pino to the FBI:

I have received hard evidence that Pino’s Kent State email address ( has been used to disseminate his pro-Jihadist views. I also have evidence that Kent State equipment has been used in the activity. Because there is some possibility that the evidence has been tampered with I made arrangements – only about four hours ago – with FBI agents who will confiscate all evidence from my hard drive in order to make that determination. I’m Sorry Julio but I just had to get the counter-terrorism unit involved.

More on this soon.