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Fightin’ Words

University of North Dakota President Charles Kupchella wrote to the Dartmouth President asking that its hockey team be treated with respect in an upcoming game at Dartmouth. Insufficient respect for North Dakota? No. The hockey team is named the “Fighting Sioux,” which has been cause, of course, for grave consternation on the part of persons at Dartmouth, including its Athletic director, who seems to have written a preemptive apology to the Dartmouth community for a game with such ruffians, “an event that will understandably offend and hurt people within our community.” Kupchella made several tart points in response (from the Boston Globe):


“I don’t think they have a clue,” Kupchella said. “I think this was done without any knowledge of what we do here.”

“We have three times as many American Indian students as they do, yet they have written in their charter that they’re supposed to serve American Indian students,” he said.

 Dartmouth understands, as always.


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