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Ford Fosters Difficult Campus Dialogue

The Ford Foundation has funded a project called Difficult Dialogues, purportedly to engage college students in fruitful dialogue about contentious subjects.

Amy De Rosa, a Barnard College alum, observes that one such Ford-sponsored discussion on the campus “consisted of one side dialoguing with itself about how Barnard students can most effectively pass along their pro-abortion views to others.” Other Difficult Dialogues themes across the nation

include race and religion; religion and sexuality; Islamophobia; Hurricane Katrina as related to race, class, and power; sexual orientation; compulsory heterosexuality; affirmative action; the Theater of the Oppressed as related to community problem solving, and issues of multiculturalism that affect an ever-growing international campus population.

It sounds as if the Ford Foundation, in handing control over this initiative to the leftist, intolerant elites that dominate campus life, will make dialogue more difficult than ever – less open and more blinkered.