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Freedom from Randomness

A new one-man show has opened in New York, “The Rap Guide to Evolution.” A Canadian rapper named Baba Brinkman entertains his audience with such numbers as “Natural Selection” and “Survival of the Fittest,” and instructs them on multicellularity and mitochondria without losing a beat. He also mocks ”creationists” and insists that scientific opposition to Darwin does not exist. According to a review, his concluding number is a “common-sense ode to sexual selection” titled “Don’t Sleep with Mean People.”

Evidently no one has told this pig-headed rapper that sexual selection has nothing to do, for example, with a sweet young woman choosing a gentlemanly young man as a mate. Rather, it is that a random mutation in her makes her gravitate toward some random mutation in him, with absolutely nothing involving free will or conscious choice whatsoever. Volition, moral behavior, self-consciousness, choosing a nice partner, and such-like ideas tacked onto random mutation and natural selection are among the fairy tales Darwinians tell us and themselves when they are unable to accept or understand the bleakness of the theory they advance so belligerently.  

The Declaration of Independence asserts that life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness are endowed by the Creator. Freedom and Darwin, on the other hand, are thoroughly in opposition, and Darwinians simply go on the fly when it comes to man’s higher functions, rapping out their hip-hop improvisations. 

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