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Future of Feminism Follow-up

There is some small, somewhat snide amount of blogging at The Crimson on the Future and Legacy of Feminism conference, sponsored by Harvard professor Harvey Mansfield’s Program on Constitutional Government, which Kathryn mentioned below.
The best parts are a Women’s Studies academic who sputters that conference attendees are “Neanderthals” and complains of Mansfield: “He invited, instead of academic speakers, he invited a preponderance of journalists. These people are a bit superficial, they cater to an unprofessional public.” Heaven forbid. 
But then there is Mansfield, who in his closing remarks noted “I think we’ve shown Harvard that it is possible to have a conference where people disagree.” That really is a remarkable achievement.

Travis Kavulla is director of Energy and Environmental Policy at the R Street Institute. He is a former president of the National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners who held elected office as a Montana public service commissioner for eight years. Before that, he was an associate editor for National Review.


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