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Ganji and Professor Chomsky

Iran’s most renowned dissident, Akbar Ganji, plans soon to lead a hunger strike in New York City to draw attention to the plight of political prisoners in that country. Disconcertingly, he also plans to meet with the leftist MIT professor Noam Chomsky.


As David Horowitz writes in The Professors: The 101 Most Dangerous Academics in America, Chomsky is known for his “ferocious anti-Americanism and cavalier relationship with the factual record.” His basic message has long been that “whatever evil exists in the world, the United States is to blame.” According to Chomsky, all presidents since World War II have “’been either outright war criminals or involved in serious war crimes.’”


Ganji’s manifesto in behalf of freedom in Iran cites Karl Popper, the champion of the open society. Someone should remind Ganji before his encounter with Chomsky that the professor has been involved with neo-Nazis and holocaust revisionism and that he supported Pol Pot. Ganji should repudiate Chomsky, who perhaps above all American academic militants has advanced the closed society. 

Candace de Russy — Candace de Russy is a nationally recognized expert on education and cultural issues.

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