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Gender Makeup among Title IX Coordinators

Eighty-three percent of Title IX coordinators are female, the National Association of Scholars found in a sample study.

We looked into the question of gender makeup among Title IX coordinators as a follow-up to an article about the sexual harassment letter to the University of Montana from the Office of Civil Rights, and in answer to a challenge by Professor Glenn Reynolds of Instapundit. Here were some of our findings:

We examined 52 institutions.  All have Title IX Coordinators as mandated by law for all institutions receiving federal funding.

At 43 of them (82.7 percent), the Title IX Coordinator is a woman. At 9 of the institutions (17.3 percent), the Title IX Coordinator is a man.

In short, the gender-equity enforcers seem to have gender-inequity problem when it comes to choosing staff members. Peter Wood explains why this could be a problem:

Considering that the overwhelming preponderance of sexual harassment allegations are directed by women at men, the disproportion of women to men in the positions charged with interpreting and enforcing the sexual harassment rules is a legitimate concern.  Are male students who are accused of sexual harassment likely to receive fair-minded treatment in these offices?  They already face a system of rules and definitions jerry-rigged by the Office of Civil Rights to deny them the presumption of innocence and to minimize due process guarantees. 

It was interesting to see how many of the Title IX coordinators belonged to a department specializing in some form of diversity:

We found that 32 of the 52 Title IX Coordinators (61.5 percent) were bureaucratically part of their institution’s Equal Opportunity/Diversity/Equity/Access operation. 

The campus commitment to diversity, however, has led to a ponderous lack of gender diversity when it comes to regulating sexual-harassment policies. 



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