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A Great Move in Starkville

Inside Higher Ed reports that Mississippi State University has created a Center for America’s Veterans that will assist veterans in their transition from military life to the world of higher education.  In the identity group obsessed world of the modern university, if you feel like you’re a man trapped in a woman’s body or if you feel like someone has been mean to you on the basis of race, gender, or sexual orientation, you will be quickly surrounded by a phalanx of hand-holding administrators whose full-time jobs are designed to make you feel “welcome.”  If, however, you choose to serve your country, you typically return to a university that not only has nothing for you but is often deeply hostile to the very mission you risked your life (and sometimes suffered terrible wounds, like the Marine featured in the Inside Higher Ed story) to accomplish.

Bravo, Mississippi State. Thank you for helping to turn the tide, and thank you for honoring those who serve.  Now, if you could just beat Ole Miss, this would be a truly great year . . .


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