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Of Guilt-Trip Testing, Dewey and Freud

Recently, at Minding the Campus, I posted a completed sociology exam discovered by a colleague in an eastern U.S. college classroom. Here is an entirely representative sample of the questions and answers on the test, all of which relentlessly drove home the point, as I noted, that this “country is rotten to the core and that whites and males are evil”:

Question: How does the United States “steal” the resources of other (third world) [sic] countries?

Answer: We steal through exploitation. Our multinationals are aware that indigenous people in developing nations have been coaxed off their plots and forced into slums. Because it is lucrative, our multinationals offer them extremely low wage labor [sic] that cannot be turned down.

Chuck Rogér, at the American Thinkerblames this kind of now rampant conditioning of students by progressives on philosophical elites at the turn of the twentieth century — notably those who “mainlined” John Dewey’s “psychologizing” of education at the expense of knowledge and Sigmund Freud’s propagation of the “guilt-urge.” 

Rogér vigorously condemns and rightly warns against what these progressives have wrought:

Purveyors of this elitism have successfully drilled generations of Americans in the “thinking” required to accept guilt where none is warranted. Those elitists’ efforts have bred unhealthy social trends and economic policies sufficient to cast the future of America in a far dimmer light than traditional values and sound economics would otherwise have assured.

Damn Dewey and damn Freud, both of whom appear to have been utterly incapable of appreciating the destructiveness in what they preached. Damn today’s progressives, who seem genuinely unable to grasp the ruin they call down on America, so blinded are they by their unremitting, high-minded guilt.

Candace de Russy is a nationally recognized expert on education and cultural issues.

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