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Hamas’s Academic Boosters

Cinnamon Stillwell has compiled a long list of lopsided reactions by professors of Middle East studies to the recent war in Gaza. A sample:

… I think any resistance against a colonial occupier is justified. …I would defend Hamas as actually, you know, doing practical things to fight Israeli colonialism.”

Pranav Jani, assistant professor of English, Ohio State University

… The carnage unleashed by Israel…is the latest attempt by Israel to ensure that all Arabs and all Palestinians are ruled by dictators and never by democratically elected officials.”

Joseph Massad, associate professor of modern Arab politics and intellectual history, Columbia University

“Hamas shot a few rockets into Israel; but that is who they are and that is what they do – they are a terrorist organization.”

Muqtedar Khan, director of Islamic studies, University of Delaware

Stillwell concludes:

The antipathy towards Israel and sympathy for Hamas demonstrated by these academics goes far beyond mere bias. Acting as apologists for terrorists who purposefully seek to kill Israeli civilians, and singling out Israel, among all the nations on earth, as not having a right to protect itself, is akin to fanaticism.


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