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Hark! Bold Outlaws of Sherwood!

The University of Nottingham (what else) has begun a Masters program in Robin Hood Studies.

Dr. Colin Heywood, the Head of the School of History, said: “We are pleased to add this innovative new pathway on Robin Hood to our MA programme.”
Find a Merry Band and amble down that pathway. I found several potential readings for the journey:
Brennan, Michael G. “Foxes and Wolves in Elizabethan Episcopal Propaganda.” Cahiers Elisabethains: Late Medieval and Renaissance Studies 29 (1986): 83-86.
Cech, John. “Pyle’s Robin Hood: Still Merry After All These Years.” Children’s Literature Association Quarterly 8.2 (1983): 11-14; 32.
Chism, Christine. “Robin Hood: Thinking Globally, Acting Locally in the Fifteenth-Century Ballads.” The Letter of the Law: Legal Practice and Literary Production in Medieval England. Ed. Emily Steiner and Candace Barrington. Ithaca, NY: Cornell University Press, 2002. 12-39.
Clark, Robert L. A., and Claire Sponsler. “Queer Play: The Cultural Work of Crossdressing in Medieval Drama.” New Literary History: A Journal of Theory and Interpretation 28 (1997): 319-44.
How about something like:
Friar Tuck, Daniel Berrigan, and Archbishop Romero. “Liberation Theology and Its Antecedents.”