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Hate Crime Hoax Exposed as Fraud, Students Still Demand Justice

Recently there was a hate crime committed at the University of Chicago that was so vile, so ugly, that the feds got involved. It didn’t take long to discover – yep – it’s the latest campus hate crime hoax, of which there are many.

In this case, “a University of Chicago student who claimed his Facebook page was hacked and filled with racist and violent messages against him and another student has now admitted he faked the attack,” reports Matt Lamb of The College Fix.

But here is where the story gets even more annoying.

“Intended to shame the school into making drastic changes around race and speech on campus, the hoax appears to have worked,” Lamb reports. “The students behind the ruse, the hoodwinked university and the school newspaper have argued that the hoax … should not detract from fixing the school’s ‘culture of racial intolerance,’ in the words of a petition demanding policy changes.”

Yes, that’s right. The racially charged hacking incident was just a scam to push a diversity agenda, and even after it was discovered as an outright lie, it’s still being used to that end.

For those interested in reading about the anatomy of this misadventure, The College Fix has all the sordid details.

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